High-impact green upgrades transform your home and save money

(BPT) – Improving your property, increasing its value and cutting down on costs are common goals for homeowners. So naturally, investing in features that are better for the environment is, by extension, good for the wallet because it reduces the costs of utilities in the long run. However, it can be difficult to know which home improvements can make the biggest impact on the comfort and value of your home – and the planet.

To help guide your efforts, consider these four green ideas that can help improve efficiencies, save you money and protect the earth:

1. Participate in the ENERGY STAR® Home Upgrade program

Start by thinking about which eco-smart steps make the most sense for your home. The ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is a series of six high-impact, efficient improvements that can save the average family about $500 a year on utility bills.

You can work through the steps as budget and need arise. Two of the most accessible home improvements in the program are insulating your attic and upgrading to an ENERGY STAR certified smart thermostat with smart climate controls.

2. Upgrade to a heat pump water heater

Water heaters are the second-highest energy user in homes. Switching to an ENERGY STAR certified high-efficiency water heater with heat pump technology can save homeowners over $300 every year, making this a high-impact upgrade.

Meeting the EPA’s ENERGY STAR requirements, the new Inverter Heat Pump Water Heater from LG is integrated with cutting-edge, high-performance technologies. As a result, it’s an energy-efficient alternative to electric resistance and gas water heaters, helping homeowners save money and the planet. Visit LGComfortZone.com to learn more.

3. Upgrade your HVAC to a heat pump system

To continue your home’s transition from fossil fuels to cleaner, earth-friendly options, consider heat pump technology for your heating and cooling needs. Heat pumps work efficiently by transferring heat in or out of a home for ideal comfort rather than generating it. This makes it possible to maintain comfortable temperatures year-round in an efficient manner across a variety of climates.

Heat pump HVAC systems, like those from LG, are an energy-efficient alternative to furnaces and air conditioners that rely on costly fossil fuel resources to warm or cool air as needs change throughout the year.

4. Install high-performance windows

Windows are important parts of a home, letting in natural light, providing ventilation options and making your home aesthetically appealing. Window technology has changed tremendously over the decades, meaning older windows are often drafty and leaky, which wastes energy and can let in moisture that may later lead to mold problems.

According to the EPA, replacing old, poorly made windows with modern ENERGY STAR certified windows lowers household energy bills by an average of 12%. In addition, look for windows with low-emissivity glass coatings (also called low-e) because they help filter ultraviolet rays from coming into your home, which means you get to enjoy the natural light with less sun damage to floors, carpets and furniture.

Upgrading your home for yourself and the planet is a win-win. These steps will help make your home more comfortable and increase its value while lowering your utility bills and environmental impact, helping to make your energy choices count.