Designers’ trends to get your kitchen and bathroom ready for 2022

(BPT) – Life at home has changed a lot and, for many people, being ‘on trend’ has taken a backseat to designing around their needs. When it comes to styling your kitchen and bathroom, taking time to choose stylish, yet lasting options, will improve the look and feel of your space for years.

Delta Faucet Company product designers and Delta Faucet lighting partner Kichler Lighting are sharing the timeless kitchen and bathroom trends they’re seeing in real customers’ homes that will last well beyond the next trip around the sun.

2022 Trend 1: Comfort Comes First

‘Homes are our safe space from what’s happening in the world,’ said AJ Tentler, Delta Faucet Company industrial designer. ‘Items, colors and finishes need to reflect that feeling of relaxed comfort.’

Sharp edges and harsh lines are out. We’re now craving curves and softer lines to create a relaxing and calming oasis. Warm greys and wood in its natural state are coming together in both kitchens and bathrooms to create spaces that never feel forced.

2022 Trend 2: Hidden Helpfulness

‘The features that will gain the most momentum are things that aid your daily function,’ said Maris Park Borris, Delta Faucet industrial designer. ‘It will be more about hidden helpfulness.’

Simple interactions that make daily life easier is the future of technology. Smart outlets and switches add a world of customization to lighting. In faucets, intuitive functions, like technology that turns on a faucet with a simple touch, is just one example of unseen technology that improves daily life.

2022 Trend 3: Designs You Can Feel

‘We’ve been in sensory deprivation for the last year,’ said Park Borris. ‘People are craving both visual and physical texture.’

Texture and finish are going to be more in-focus than ever. Wallpaper that adds a tactile and visual texture, or fixture finishes, can create an emotional connection with a huge impact on a space.

2022 Trend 4: Mix and Match

‘We can add eclecticism and our own style – like traditional knobs in a modern kitchen,’ said Park Borris.

We’re all searching for ways to make a space our own. Mixing and matching styles and finishes is a unique way to accomplish that. Farmhouse blended with Scandinavian styles. A gold-hued shower head with black shower doors. It’s all about what speaks to you.

2022 Trend 5: Timelessly Tailored

‘In 2022, customizable sconces are on the rise,’ said Greg Martin, Kichler Lighting creative director. ‘Being able to have moveable arms, pin-up and plug-in options allow you to curate your own look.’

Tailored, purposeful and customized pieces are everywhere. We no longer want to keep up with the Joneses. Instead, we want unique spaces that reflect our individual style. Updates that people can do themselves make homes feel more customized and ownable.

2022 Trend 6: Outside In

‘There’s a feeling of connection and warmth derived from the coziness and luxury of plants,’ said Ben Stoler, Delta Faucet Company industrial designer.

Plants have a purifying quality and make a space feel fresh and alive. Adding greenery can add a calming and de-stressing feeling to a room, further building your very own oasis.

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