Creative ways to enjoy gardening this fall

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(BPT) – When the weather starts to cool down, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the fall gardening season, both indoors and out. All it takes is a little creativity – and the right plants.

Eat your garden

If you enjoy using fresh herbs and vegetables to help create flavorful meals, you can still grow them yourself inside on a sunny windowsill or kitchen counter, or outside on a patio table or balcony. The new Kitchen Minis™ collection of tabletop vegetables from PanAmerican Seed gives you cherry tomatoes, sweet peppers or hot peppers even if you don’t have a garden at all. These compact potted vegetable plants come fruiting so you can harvest and enjoy your own tasty veggies with the satisfaction of success right in your own home.

Bring outdoor plants inside

To add an extra layer of visual appeal and texture to any room, choose vivid plants and flowers that make a bold design statement, contrasting beautifully with your plush pillows and chunky throw blankets this fall. Here are a couple of traditionally outdoor plant options that also do well indoors once the temperatures start to drop.

  • Jurassic™ Rex Begonias have a fascinating variety of colored, differently sized and patterned leaves, and they can easily thrive indoors. Rex Begonias are ideal for novice gardeners or those who do not have much time for maintenance since they do not require intense care.
  • ColorBloom™ Gerbera offer long-lasting flowers that help bring living color to your indoor décor. Their friendly blooms take center stage in so many seasonal color choices of autumnal reds, yellows, pinks, oranges and white. Their gorgeous, non-fading colors will bring joy to any room while still being very easy to care for.

Use flowers for festive fall decorating

Fall is all about festive colors – and Cool Wave® Pansies will not disappoint. They are available in many rich colors that complement the bold hues of the changing autumn leaves. From golds and lavenders to deep purples and burgundy hues, Cool Wave® Pansies grace any porch or patio with their truly trailing cascades of color. They are the fastest-growing, longest-lasting flowers that you can continue to enjoy through the frost. You can place them in the ground, window boxes, lush hanging baskets or other decorative containers.

Beyond the garden, you can take outdoor decorating to the next level with fun DIY projects:

  • Use hollowed-out pumpkins or other gourds as containers for small pots of pansies.
  • Take a fresh approach to entertaining by using Cool Wave® Pansies in multiple colors to decorate your alfresco fall tablescapes next to candles and pinecones.
  • You can even use the pansy blooms as garnishes in everything from cocktails and cheeseboards to salads, cupcakes and more – Cool Wave® Pansies are edible!

As summer comes to a close, a new opportunity to garden is just beginning. No matter where you live, plants and flowers like these can help you enjoy the fun and satisfaction of indoor and outdoor gardening well into fall.