Check off your backyard bucket list: seed, weed and feed

(BPT) – From Sunday picnics and impromptu barbecues to games of catch, make your lawn center stage this spring. Everyone longs for a lush, green lawn, but many homeowners aren’t sure how to achieve it. In fact, although 81 percent of Americans do their own lawn care, 69 percent say their lawns could be better, and nearly a third aren’t sure how to grow a healthy lawn, according to a survey by the National Association of Landscape Professionals.

A strong, green lawn can give back to you in so many ways and getting there is easier than you think. The lawn health experts at Scotts(R) say the keys to a great lawn are seed, weed and feed.


Did winter do a number on your lawn? Heavy foot traffic, plows, snow shovels and salt can damage your turf, and after the first melt visible dirt spots and dead zones may appear. When spring temperatures reach 60 degrees or higher, seeds will germinate best and it’s time to repair winter damage.

Patch and repair your lawn to fill in bare spots, help crowd out weeds and strengthen your grass to help withstand heat and drought. Start by removing debris and dead grass in the surrounding area, and loosen hard soil, this will help grass seedlings take root.

Evenly apply a quality seed, like Scotts(R) EZ Seed(R), so the bare area is mostly covered, but bare ground is still visible. Be sure to only apply the recommended amount so that seedlings have enough space to access water and nutrients. Scotts(R) EZ Seed(R) is a combination of fertilizer, grass seed and super absorbent mulch that is guaranteed to grow grass anywhere with proper care, whether on a hill or slope, or in a densely-shaded area.


Preserve your healthy and beautiful lawn by keeping it free of weeds. Common weeds like dandelions and clover can choke out healthy grass. Therefore, it’s important to address weeds in spring so they won’t have a chance to thrive in summer.

Removing weeds can be a challenge, especially if any roots are left behind as they can quickly grow into a new plant. Get rid of weeds by using a weed-control product like the improved Scotts(R) Turf Builder(R) Weed & Feed. It is formulated with up to two times more powerful control of dandelions and clover compared to the previous formula, so it kills weeds and feeds grass to make it green and thick.


Continuing to feed your established lawn is critical to its nutrition and overall success. Your lawn requires feeding about every six weeks, and its nutritional needs will vary throughout the season. Choosing the right food at the right time can help ensure your lawn stays thick and green all spring and summer. For example, if your yard needs a boost towards the end of spring use Scotts(R) Green Max(RM) Lawn Food, it provides your lawn with essential nutrients, like iron, that give grass its rich green color in just three days.

No two lawns are alike. A number of factors including where you live or whether you have a sunny or shady backyard affect how to treat your grass. Not sure which products are right? Download the MyLawn app from Scotts(R) for a personalized care plan that will help you achieve your desired results. To make the most out of your green space, visit for inspiration and information on lawn care products.