Bring style and function to the kitchen

(BPT) – The kitchen is a space that should be enjoyed for both its beautiful design and its effortless functionality. To bring form and function to life in the kitchen, and create a truly refined aesthetic, use streamlined elements and adaptable design. Combined, these choices will come together in the heart of the home to achieve a cohesive, unified room.

Center of the home

Elevate the kitchen by incorporating components from throughout the home, such as color scheme, pattern or natural features like wood, into the area for a unified feel. Add layered colors of a like palette, seamless finishes and other subtle details to create an integrated look that truly makes the kitchen the epicenter of the home. While the kitchen has its own unique elements that distinguish the space, tasteful design is the through line that brings the home together.

Focus on style and function

To create an area that is as purposefully designed as it is visually exquisite, focus on clean, simple, functional details for inspiration. Lean into style and select enhancements that are as high-performing as they are beautiful to create a practical, yet elegantly balanced plan. Start by selecting a focal point within the kitchen that perfectly pairs artistic design with the pragmatism needed for cooking.

The Odin® Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet by Brizo®, inspired by Scandinavian design, embodies diversity through its offering of seven distinct finishes – from Polished Chrome to Matte Black. The faucet is a strong centerpiece that can be paired with and enhance other design elements throughout the kitchen. The streamlined silhouette is further customizable with the choice between a metal or a unique wood lever handle. The Odin® Kitchen Collection and Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet brings together style and tailored culinary performance. The collection exemplifies distinction while simultaneously blending simplicity and functionality.

Endless adaptation

Unparalleled customization within fixtures means both form and practicality are captured – from finishes to technologies. Integrate innovation within the kitchen through fixture selection to create a cohesive aesthetic that is also highly efficient.

Available with optional MagneDock®, SmartTouch® and VoiceIQ™ Technologies, the Odin® Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet can create an adaptable and personalized experience. The graceful faucet arm rotates 360 degrees for a full range of motion and includes an innovative two-function wand with spray and stream options to create a convenient kitchen experience.

Striking minimalism

Find the middle ground between simplicity and complexity by taking cues from the Swedish philosophy of Lagom, which translates to ‘not too much, not too little’. Focus on moderation and removing extraneous features to strike a balance between elevated detail and minimalist design, for an exquisite space that performs as well as it looks.