6 ways smart robotics can give you a better lawn

(BPT) – No one has ever looked at their yard and wished it looked terrible, right? You naturally want your lawn to look as amazing as possible. The problem, of course, is finding the time to make your lawn look exactly as you envision it, and with today’s busy schedules that is tougher than ever.

Innovative technology has the solution – robotics. Specifically, robotic lawnmowers.

Here are six things to know about robotic lawnmowers and how they can deliver the perfect cut for your yard every time.

* Cutting style matters. Traditional mowers require you to let your grass grow tall before they use fixed blades to tear it off. This cutting motion can not only damage the grass, but also requires a high amount of kinetic energy. Robotic mowers, like Husqvarna Automower(R), however, use small pivoting blades for a cut that benefits your lawn by removing clippings a fraction of an inch long while keeping weeds in check. They never let your grass grow tall, so it’s always maintained at the same height. The clippings are so small that they get dropped right back into your lawn to further nourish it as a natural fertilizer.

* Rain or shine. Finding time to mow the lawn can be difficult enough, and then when you finally find the perfect day? It rains. While owning a regular mower will stop you from cutting your grass, robotic mowers are not so easily deterred. Capable of mowing in lighter rain, robotic mowers can get great results as their vital parts are protected from the elements by the mower’s outer shell. This shell also works to protect these areas from dust or grass clippings in more conventional mowing weather.

* Weed control. When you cut the grass, you typically always do so in a familiar pattern. Robotic mowers can help curb weeds as a surprising side effect of their mowing features. Because they mow in a free movement pattern instead of a recurring one, weeds are kept on their toes and can’t adapt to the familiarity of the pattern. At the same time, keeping your lawn at a short height all the time instead of letting it grow tall means that many common weeds can’t spread their seeds as easily. You’ll have that greener, healthier lawn you’ve always dreamed of in no time!

* Ability to learn your yard. The Husqvarna Automower(R) utilizes several navigation tools, including GPS on specific models, to cover your entire lawn no matter how complex the layout. The mower is also smart enough to utilize various routes back to its charging station to avoid lawn damage and unsightly tracks. You can learn more about its travel patterns here.

* No noise. No fuss. While the hum of a lawnmower is a typical sound of summer, it’s certainly not a favorite when looking for a relaxing, quiet afternoon. You’ll be pleased to know that robotic mowers are so quiet you’ll barely know they’re cutting. These electric mowers cut the grass in a quiet, energy-efficient manner without harmful emissions. They’re so quiet, you can even set your mower to cut the grass at night, allowing you to have the entire yard all to yourself during the day.

* Total connectivity. With an integrated app on select models, Husqvarna Automower(R) gives users the option to take control of the mower right from a smartphone – telling it when to start or stop cutting and even when to return to the charging station. The app – called Automower Connect – can also be used to review mower settings and adjust them as needed. You can even receive alarm notifications if someone tries to mess with your mower or track the unit via GPS should someone else decide they want your robotic mower for themselves.

Your better summer is waiting

The beautiful summer weather is meant to be enjoyed and you should be able to do so in a yard that meets your expectations. Add a robotic mower to your home today and you’ll have a silent, efficient partner working to make sure this summer is your best yet.