5 tips to keeping your home clean with your furry friends in mind this summer

(BPT) – Summer is a great time for you and your pets to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. However, with people and pets coming in and out of your home more often, you’ll find more dirt and mud tracked into your living space. Also, as the weather warms up, you may find that your four-legged family members are shedding more, making it challenging to keep your furniture and floors clean.

While it can seem difficult to keep your home clean, there are some simple ways to stay on top of it. Check out these five tips all pet owners should know to help maintain a clean home during the summer months.

1. Groom your pets

The best way to maintain a clean home with pets is to groom your furry friends regularly. Frequent brushing removes hair and fur that your dog or cat would normally shed onto your clothing, furniture and floors. You can pair this with weekly baths to wash out hair and dandruff, and keep dog fur off your couch and rug. As a bonus, grooming time can double as bonding time with your pets.

2. Invest in the right cleaning products

Not all pet cleaning products are created equal, especially when it comes to removing pet stains and hair from your floor. You’ll want to look for products specifically formulated to deal with pet odors and stains. The Bona Pet System – a collection of floor cleaners and sustainably designed tools – simplifies cleaning pet hair and messes on hard-surface floors, including hardwood, stone, tile laminate and vinyl.

The line’s multisurface floor cleaners for cats and dogs feature an odor guard technology that eliminates and neutralizes odors from urine, feces, sweaty fur and saliva, and discourages pets from remarking the previously soiled area.

3. Wipe down your pets after outdoor play

Playing and spending time outdoors keeps your pets active and happy, but your pet may track in dirt and mud. Wipe your dog’s paws, belly and tail down before letting them inside. Keep towels or pet-safe wipes near the door to make this a habit for you and your furry friends.

4. Use microfiber cloths

Microfiber cloths are incredibly effective at picking up pet hair. Because microfiber is electrostatic, it easily picks up pet fur and dander, saving you time and effort. To quickly clean fabrics like couches and clothing, slightly dampen a microfiber cloth and wipe the clothing or furniture item.

For your floors, look for microfiber mops. Bona’s Pet System includes a microfiber mop and two reusable microfiber pads. Not only will you be able to clean your floors more effectively, but using machine washable and reusable microfiber cloths is also a sustainable way to clean your home.

5. Keep mealtime tidy

If your pets are messy eaters, you know how hard it can be to keep your home clean during meals. To keep water spills and kibble crumbs from getting all over your clean floors, buy a couple of silicone pet food placemats. Set food and water bowls on these mats so your messy eater can enjoy mealtime while keeping spills and crumbs contained. Silicone mats are easy to clean, so when they get dirty, simply rinse and dry.

Keeping a clean home as a pet owner doesn’t have to be complicated. Using these five tips, you’ll easily maintain a clean home you and your furry friends can enjoy this summer.