5 safety essentials for working outside

(BPT) – Remember when you were a kid and biked around the neighborhood without a helmet? Or how excited you were to sit in the front seat when your mom or dad picked you up from kindergarten?

These days, it can be shocking to think about how lax people once were when it comes to certain safety issues.

Nonetheless, statistics suggest that injuries related to power tools are on the rise, and no matter how sure of yourself you might be, accidents happen to the best of us. One area where many people tend to put safety on the back burner is in yard work. Though the potential for serious injuries is everywhere when using a power tool, people can often be too relaxed in this area.

These five precautions are simple ways to prevent serious accidents when using power tools around the yard.

1. Ear plugs. If you go to a concert these days, you’ll probably see people with foam plugs sticking out of their ears. If lovers of music and noise are taking steps to protect their ears, shouldn’t you be doing the same when using power tools? Snug, comfortable ear protection goes a long way in preventing permanent hearing loss. Any time you rev up an engine in your yard, your ears should be covered!

2. Wear protective clothing. Homeowners who regularly use outdoor power tools, especially chainsaws, need specialized clothing like chainsaw chaps, pants and jackets that can prevent injuries. Especially suited for occasional chainsaw users, Husqvarna’s personal protective equipment is a line of highly movable, durable and affordable protective wear that can stop a chain and mitigate serious injuries.

3. Foot protection. The perfect weather to go out and do some yard work is also the perfect weather for flip flops and sandals. However, the two do not go together. In fact, wearing any kind of closed-toe shoe isn’t enough. You need to protect your feet with specialized footwear that maximizes stability and keeps you comfortable all day long.

4. Proper gloves. Too often people use power tools to do yard work and don’t put on any gloves. This relaxed attitude can be dangerous. A good pair of work gloves not only prevents blisters, but protects against more serious injuries. This is one piece of equipment that is essential to keeping you both comfortable and safe while you work.

5. Eye protection. Though your eyes are incredibly vulnerable, it’s easy to go out to trim the hedges or take down a few overhanging branches and think you don’t need eye protection. All it takes is one stray wood chip or flying piece of debris to injure an eye and cause permanent vision loss.

Essential items for eye protection and hearing protection, as well as other accessories such as suspenders, rubber boot liners, boot studs, harnesses and braces can be purchased together in the Husqvarna’s Protective Powerkit. This is an easy way to have the essential safety equipment available for you to do the work you love and stay safe while doing it.