4 trending & easy home improvement projects to DIY this spring

(BPT) – As homeowners continue to spend more time living, entertaining and working at home, many are finally finding the time and means to get moving on long-awaited updates around the house. In fact, more than half (56%) of homeowners plan to renovate their home this year, according to a recent study by Houzz. Spring is the perfect time for a home refresh – but rest assured a major renovation is not required to give your home a renewed look and feel. Rather, completing just a few small projects can have a major impact on a home’s overall aesthetic.

Here are four trending, and easy to complete, DIY projects to tackle around the house this spring:

Bring a touch of nature in with a fresh coat of paint

Giving your space a new look with a fresh coat of paint is an easy and affordable way to transform any room in your home. Nature-inspired colors such as lush greens, clarifying blues and earthy neutrals like taupes, beiges and warm whites are continuing to rise in popularity for the serene and centered feeling they bring to a space. When tackling a paint project, be sure to choose a high-performance sealant like Alex® Ultra, which is paint-ready in just 15 minutes and designed to shrink less than any latex sealant on the market for a more durable, long-lasting seal that won’t crack or lose adhesion after painting. This sealant is ideal for providing professional results, regardless of who’s applying it.

Replace hardware on cabinets, drawers and more

If you have builder-grade hardware throughout your home, you’d be surprised by the impact simply switching in new pieces can have on the overall look of a room. Cabinet knobs and drawer pulls come in dozens of styles and colors, so no matter what style or function you’re looking for, you’ll definitely find something that will bring an inexpensive but fresh look to your space. Plus, the only tool you need for this job is a screwdriver. New hardware on kitchen cabinets isn’t the only place where a swap can go a long way to update the look of your home. Consider updating throughout bathrooms, old doorknobs and even electrical faceplates.

Install long & linear backsplash tiles

Subway tiles have been popular for ages, but homeowners are now putting a modern twist on the classic look by using larger 4-by-12-inch tiles. While these long, linear tiles are a current trend, they create a timeless look and feel, making it the perfect home upgrade to keep your kitchen on-trend for years to come. No matter what backsplash tile you choose, it’s important to pair it with a great sealant to make a complete and finished look. DAP’s AMP Kitchen, Bath & Plumbing Sealant is an innovative hybrid technology, providing maximum product performance for kitchen and bath projects. It provides a 100% waterproof seal, is specifically formulated to prevent mold and mildew growth with a lifetime guarantee and is available in white and crystal clear.

Swap outdated light fixtures

Replacing outdated overhead lights, wall sconces and lamps with on-trend styles is a fast and effortless way to elevate your kitchen or entryway. New and bright lighting – especially if you’re switching out from builder-grade lights – can make a huge difference, not just from a design perspective but from a lighting perspective as well. Many homeowners and designers are choosing lantern-style framed pendant lights because they make a statement without obstructing views and sightlines. Plus, lantern-style light fixtures are a rare trend that works for nearly every home design style. From modern farmhouse to boho chic, lantern pendant lights feature a classic silhouette that blends seamlessly in any space. Natural and organic textures such as rattan, linen and wood are other extremely popular styles for light fixtures this year.

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